An enthusiast for drawing and travel, Reynald Aubert started

doing both after completing his studies at the School of Applied Arts in Geneva.

Discovering a country, architecture, urban design and its people via sketches

made in situ inspires his creative work. It is at the crossroads

of worlds that he loves to show in parallel.

Back in Geneva, the colouring of these rough sketches is carried

out from memory, mainly in acrylic. In this way, places and feelings

are brought back to life, transformed, rendered « dream-like »

or caricatured by his work after the event.

A passion that Reynald Aubert conveys with confidence,

due to having taught the art of sketching at the School of Applied Arts.

In parallel to his main work as an illustrator, he organises

courses in Geneva and abroad, Kyoto in 2016-17

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